Entering Writing Competitions - Coming Soon



Overview – presenting the very best of your writing and yourself


When people come to the site they will often be finding their way to your page through your photo, and once they’re there, people like to know about you and  why you write.  If you choose interesting, exciting photos which fit with your work, and add well written background info, people are more likely to read what you have written, vote for you, and also buy/download your other material, or commission you to write material for them.


If you are serious about writing, whether that just means being read by a large number of people, or actually making money, it is absolutely essential to recognise that you have to set yourself out from the crowd. Your page is not just a competition entry but also a prime place to be seen. Once you’ve attracted people’s attention your writing will speak for itself, but don’t miss the opportunity to draw people in with creative photography and a powerful byline.


What you Need for your Entry


  • You need to be registered on the site. If you’re not already click here to sign up.
  • Postcode/zip code – this will be used to search for your location. As a writer this is less important than for musicians but can still be important for people who are commissioning, whether because they want to meet you, or because they want someone with local knowledge.
  • Byline – About 15-20 words that describes what you’re about. Make this powerful, eye catching and creative
  • Paypal email – this is not obligatory, but without it a winner will need to make a request for a cheque payment
  • Check carefully your eligibility for a competition you enter, both in terms of topic and length – if you’re not eligible you could be disqualified at any time.