Selling Your Music

When you enter a Mqusic competition you will have the option to upload up to 3 tracks for sale or download.

Mqusic passes any money you earn directly to your paypal account only deducting a small amount to cover paypal fees - so no waiting and no rip-off.

Sometimes it can be better to make your music available as a free download, just to get your music out there. If you are charging, make sure you add your paypal address correctly on the entry form so we can forward your earnings to you.

Lastly, remember the more information you put in your entry, the more visitors will engage with you and your music and want to buy/download don't forget to add info in the biog and backstory fields of the entry form and make sure your photos are exciting and quality - Promote your Entry - Promote your Music - Promtoe your Future.


Good Luck