Promoting Your Entry

Promote Yourself – Stand Out

 As a musician you will always be aware of developing your talents as an artist, but with so many people online nowadays and so much music out there, it can be hard to stand out and build a fan base. Nowadays, everyone except the few with major record deals, needs to be proactive with their promotion, whatever size audience they’re  hoping to draw. A Mqusic competition may offer a prize for the winners, but primarily it is about creating an event which you can draw people into to see and appreciate your music.

Make sure you use the Promoters Wall on your entry page to get the maximum number of views


When you enter a competition, think of it as a promotional event. Take the opportunity to launch a new single which you can add as a paid or free download on your entry page. Link it to a gig you have, which you can promote on your byline, biog or backstory. Take the chance to update your facebook or myspace. Often when you do things like this people don’t engage greatly, but if you can add to your message Vote for me in Such & Such Competition you are significantly more likely to get people taking an interest and visiting your entry page. Don’t miss a trick to make a competition work for you, the prizes are there just to thank you for taking part, the real reward is in the exposure you can gain.


8 Tips for Promoting

1/ Don’t forget the people you know – never be afraid to share good music with your friends and ask them to pass it on.

2/ Use all the social networking sites you have to get people involved – Myspace, facebook, twitter etc

3/ There are various bits of software which enable you to raise the profile of your social networking site. There are just a few of them below - check them out

4/ The promoters wall is there to give some recognition to the people who often put in so much work behind the scenes to spread the word about music they love. If you have people who are supporting you, get them to sign up so their efforts can be recognised as well

5/ From past experience we know these competitions can generate a buzz around a whole genre of music or an area, increasing the audience for everyone, so don’t be afraid to promote widely. Win or lose, this is a chance to get large numbers of people hooked on your music.

6/ Encourage people not just to vote for you, but to sign up as promoters and spread the word. Let them know they can compete to be the best promoter as well as getting some money if people they bring to the site sign up in competitions.

7/ Be creative, these are just few of the possible ways of building your audience. Check out on the web and in the real world for the most effective ways to achieve your goals as a musician.

8/ Don’t be afraid to sell your music for little or no cost initially. If people like you music they want to own it. Don’t leave them trying to steal it because it’s either too expensive of not available at all. Letting people own your music makes them part of your creativity, it will keep them coming back for more and will inspire you to constantly develop new music. This will lay the foundations for you to increase your prices later on