Promoters Wall

What’s it all about :-


The promoters Wall is designed to make it easy for people to push their own, or a favourite entry on Mqusic and get recognition for going to the trouble.


So how does it work :-


  • When you come to the entry you want to promote, go to the bottom of the page where it says Sign up – Join the Wall – click here
  • You can now add
    • You name
    • An image which will appear on the Wall
    • An url to a social networking site – this will be the link on your image – use it to promote yourself or the artist. (dodgey images will result in removal)
  • When this is complete you are signed up as a promoter. From know on, when you use the icons above the text ‘Entries you Promote’ to link to various social networking sites, or to send emails, if a users clicks those links to come to the site, they will be linked to you for a period of 6 weeks. If during that time they :-
    • Register on the site – your ranking on the promoters wall will be increased
    • Enter a paid competition – your account will be increased by the amount of the promoters fee
  • By clicking on ‘My registrations and Sales’ you can see the current status of your registrations and sales and also change the info you added when you signed up.
  • Finally, by clicking the ‘Add this entry to your promo list’, you can create a list of links to your favorite entries.