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Press Information


 About Mqusic

Mqusic is about music. Unsigned music, new music, different music and the widest possible range of music.

We are about competitions, but most of all we want to bring people together. We are online, but we want to do all we can to support live music and musicians livelihoods. We want to offer something to everybody who comes to mqusic, but we also want to let everyone take part in being mqusic, and creating a resource for all music lovers.

 The team behind mqusic have been working on this project for more than 2 years now. Our back ground is in  the voluntary sector, staging music events, running a music venue, recording and video studio, and promoting new music. We aren’t too keen on big business when it attempts to control and homogenize what we can do, see, or hear, and we really believe in people’s desire and passion to make positive things happen if only they are given the chance. We’re not about changing the world, but we would like to change the music world a little, making more, and more varied music available to a wider audience in an exciting, creative and accessible way.


If you require further information, or photos/logos , please email us at with details about your organisation and any questions you would like answered. Also feel free to copy the images below.