Mqusic Vision

Mqusic is about music. New music, different music and the widest possible range of music.

 We are about competitions, but most of all we want to bring people together

 We are an online, but we want to do all we can to support live music and musicians livelihoods.

 We want to offer something to everybody who comes to mqusic, but we also want to let everyone take part in being mqusic, and creating a resource for all music lovers.


 The mqusic teams’ background is in the voluntary sector, staging music events, running a youth live music venue and recording and video studio.


Our vision for mqusic is to support groups to maintain and develop their direction as musicians at whatever level.


We hope that mqusic will provide a shop front for those requiring performers, helping keep music live.


We are all about supporting the grassroots of music – providing a performance space for new bands and working to bring audiences to new music.


We aim to create a positive music space, where everyone involved in music works together to help and support each other. We ask music business to sponsor prizes and inform potential entrants, we ask entrants to promote themselves and their competitions, and to encourage their fans to support the sponsors. We encourage the fans to promote the music they love and to take advantage of sponsors who offer what they need.


We ask sponsors whenever possible to provide banners which are in keeping with the site as a whole, and we are happy to produce banners from provided images and text.


We’re trying to create a community space for all those who love music – please join us!