How to Search


We hope the Search is quite intuitive, but here’s some info on how to use it


First of all decide whether you want to look at whole competitions, or individual entries and set the radio button on the top left hand side of the Search page. IT defaults to Competitions. On the same line you can now  add all or part of the name of the Competition or Entry you want to find. To the left of this is a drop down which shows all the groups of competitions, by selecting one you can further narrow your search.


On the left hand side are a series of filters to refine your search. Most importantly genre will allow you to select your favorite music style, and If you’ve selected entries, you can also find all those entrants who have made their music available for free download.


The Country selector allows you select competitions open only to those from a certain country, or select GLOBAL if you want to see competitions open to artists from all over the wall. The All option simply shows all competitions


If you select Competition on the radio button on the top left you will then have extra options to allow you to search by the status and type of the competition. Particulaly you can select sponsored and unsponsored competitions and cxharged and fre competitions, particulaly useful if you’re looking for a competition to sponsor or enter.


The Specify Distance tab is to allow you to find local bands or competitions, quickly find your friends bands, a group to book for a gig, or a local competition you are eligible to enter


With regard to media, most of the mqusic competitions to start with will be video, in other words their entry will be a video, (although they may also have audio tracks to listen to and download) but there will also be audio only competitions and competitions for writing – click these boxes to sort them out.


It is a key part of mqusic, that you can find exactly what you want, when you want it. If you have any problems, or feel anything is missing, please email us at